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Our Customers

The following table is a listing of our Industrial, Municipal and Commercial Customers types and the suggested products they use.

Industrial, Municipal and Commercial Customers

RoeTech 103 RoeTech 104 RoeTech 106 RoeTech 106PS RoeTech 302

Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plants     Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

Bioreactor systems treating various process wastewaters:          
-Winery wastewater       Checkmark  
-Tomato processor       Checkmark  
-Fruit juice processor       Checkmark  
-Syrup & jelly manufacturer     Checkmark   Checkmark
-Aerated Treatment Unit/water reclamation       Checkmark  
-Grease Trap Manufacturer     Checkmark    
-Chemical factory on-site systems     Checkmark    
-Minicipal WWTP for H2S control     Checkmark    
-Lift stations & sewage lines for FOG & H2S control       Checkmark  
-Chemical and animal feed manufacturer       Checkmark  
-Various hotels/resort on-site wastewater systems       Checkmark  
-Oil field services for on-site ATU systems       Checkmark  
-Dairy manure lagoons     Checkmark    
-Hog manure lagoons       Checkmark  
-Ice Cream manufacturers       Checkmark  
-Milk processor wastewater system       Checkmark  
-Confections & baked goods maker       Checkmark  
-Municipal WWTP with lagoon/evaporation ponds (military bases)     Checkmark Checkmark