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ROEBIC LABORATORIES, INC. offers a complete line of biological products designed to improve the storage and handling of livestock manure.


Use of these products results in less odor and improved liquefication of manure solids for easier pumping and spreading.


Our newest, patented ROETECH bacterial strains have been formulated into state-of-the art technology that yields excellent results. Technical assistance is available to develop cost effective treatment plans and maximize each product's capabilities.


Roetech 106
Highly concentrated spore mix of multiple Bacillus strains. Multiple enzyme production. Ideal for very large systems. Economical. Excellent in dairy and feedlot operations.


Roetech 106PS
Highly concentrated six Bacillus and two Pseudomonas strains. Ideal for hog operations. Reduces ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases.


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Mr. Doug White
High Country Enterprises
Cell: 719-989-0351 - Doug White
Cell: 710-989-0964 - Tamara White


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