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Hog Facility - Texas, USA
Problem: This facility was having problems with manure crusting and floating on the top of the pit. This was making it impossible to flush the solids from the pit to an anaerobic digester. It was also having a tremendous buildup of ammonia gas that was causing irritation to the pigs and the employees. Flies were beginning to use the crusting manure as a breeding ground which was also creating problems for the pigs and employees.
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Dairy Farm - New Mexico, USA
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Problem: This facility has an expensive liner in its lagoon, and the use of equipment to remove the solids from the lagoon was not an option. It also dewaters the lagoon via irrigation onto row crops every 30 days. The buildup of solids in the lagoon had reached a point of capacity such that they were unable to maintain free board of water above governmental regulations. Also frequent complaints from neighbors and county officials regarding the odor were being received.
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Dairy Farm - Oklahoma, USA
Expectations: This facility was in need of solid removal from sediment basin as it was to a point of water flow restriction and solid capacity in the sediment basin. The expectation was to liquefy the solids in the sediment basins using microbial augmentation, and to not use costly equipment to do so. Further expectation was to increase wastewater flow to the lagoon for irrigation purposes.
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