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Roetech 106 PS

Roetech 106 PS is a highly concentrated mixture of spores and vegetative bacteria. Six patented Bacillus bacteria combined with Pseudomonas species provide a multiple enzyme producing culture with enhanced capacity to degrade surfactants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals in addition to standard sewage components.


This blend is offered as a bulk powder and in 8-ounce water-soluble packs.


Applications include municipal wastewater, food processing, livestock manure ponds, aerated septic tanks, or aerated treatment units (ATU's).

106 (Powder)

Bacteria Count CFU/gram
A. 1 billion109

Enzymes Produced
Protease Urease
Lipase Cellulase
Amylase Nitrate Reductase

pH range6 - 10
temperature range5°C - 55°C
oxygen requirements
faculative anaerobe

PATENT Nos.   6,083,737; 6,140,106; 6,162,635;
6,171,847; 6,171,848; 6,174,718



  • highly concentrated
  • 8 bacteria strains
  • excellent enzyme production

The extra activity in 106PS is ideal for hog slurry operations.
Controls ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases.


  • economical
  • versatile
  • liquefies solids and reduces odors


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